About us


“Integrated Proteins Limited” was incorporated on 14th October, 1992

With the vision of spiraling in rapeseed refined edible oil and deoiled cake. The edible refine oil are marketed in the domestic market while the deoiled cake are exported for use of raw material in cattle, fish, prawn and poultry feed.


Since inception, the Company is engaged in processing of various oil seeds like soyabean, mustard/ rapeseed, groundnut, etc business with wide /various range depending on ultimate application of the products.

However, Gujarat enjoys a strong position with regard to availability of groundnut and mustard/rapeseed.

Company is engaged in business to extract, manufacture, produce, refine, crush, purchase, sell, import, export and generally deal in all kinds of edible, non-edible, deodorized, refined, vegetable oils, oil cake, by crushing with or without addition of chemicals and substances from soybeans, groundnuts, cotton seeds, rape seeds, sunflower seeds and other oil seeds, nuts, cakes or cereals or any other oil bearing substance whatsoever.